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At the beginning of the 3rd millenium everything seems to be fine ....

Then we had 911, a stock exchange crash, a christmas tsunami in asia, a financial crisis, a nuclear MCA. Billions of dollars went lost or got burned.

After this experiences we realize that there is only one super power on this planet - mother nature. Everything else is nonsense or overestimation of our skills.

Those incidents wake us up and enables us to have a real view for the important things. Now we realize, that a lot of our important duties of the past are only erroneous trends. Association and economy systems went sick since a long time - but we ignored the symptoms.

This brought us a world wide pandamie, some funny president clowns and cracy dictators who wants to rule the world again by starting a war in europe.

For a real change we need creative thinking, conscious actions and real values. Accepting these propositions we all have a real chance for a good and successfull future.

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Our goal ist the support of business processes with software at the highest technology standards. Software is not the focus but supposed to run inwardly in the background to support your business processes. Improvement in efficiency, cost cutting and more fun when working with the applications are realized by software implemention in your business environment which meets exactly your companies requirements. Experience, specific skills, knowledge and somekind of ingenuity are the basic components of our software engineering. Continuous education assures know-how on the highst level. Our long standing practice in software development enables us even for exceptional solutions. Programming and consulting for implementations on the mayor platforms with all common programming languages are part of our skills.


One focus is the process design and implementation in the SAP R/3 and SAP NetWeaver environment. We extend and adapt the standard process landscape to fit exactly to your requirements.

  • You have special requirements SAP standard does not satisfy ?
  • You need interfaces to non SAP systems ?
  • You need support at older SAP technologies like transaction server, SAP script, business server pages ?
  • We can share our experience on steering and controlling of big IT-projects. There are special technical goals when dealing with multiple ERP system clusters and organisational challenges with large development- and testing teams.

  • Development, testing and cutover with the ITIL process environment
  • Synchronisation and Retrofit with multiple project- and maintenance systems
  • Parallel processing of release-implementaion with multiple SAP systems
  • Special technical handling of SAP standard, SAP ERP, SAP PI and SAP BW systems
  • References

    This is a selection of some project activities at the last years

  • OctaVIA AG, Kassel - SAP Consulting module BC, feasibility studies
  • EON Mitte, Kassel - SAP ISU Consulting, GIS interface design & implementation
  • T-Systems, Frankfurt/M - SAP Consulting, release management, special interface design & implementation
  • Aesculap (Braun AG), Tuttlingen - SAP Consulting, interface design and implementation
  • EON Hannover - SAP Consulting, release management, SAP BC, rollout management
  • T-Systems, Frankfurt / M - SAP Consulting, release management, transport and integration management
  • Profi AG, NL Darmstadt - SAP Consulting, ABAP development
  • Infosys, München - SAP R/3 Client Testimonials, SAP BC Consulting
  • Telekom IT, Bonn - Lead technical development project One.ERP, transport and integration management
  • Dell Polska, Lodz - SAP PM Realtime Plot Interface development
  • T-Systems, Frankfurt - Consulting for SAP Solution Manager process integration
  • Union IT, Frankfurt - Transport & Integration Management
  • Schweizer Post - Change & Request Management, Release Management, SAP BC Consulting
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    business software consulting

    ul. Albatrosa 43
    86-005 Murowaniec

    NIP PL5540077115


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